Hi, I am Sonali Srivastava.

It is the need for inner harmony that made me a wife, a mother and a family person.

It is the need for inner harmony that made me apply to Outreachy May 2022.

After graduation, i started my journey as system administrator. Exploring and learning Linux made me realise how much i like Linux based OS and because of that i never used Windows or MacOS.

I believe in balance and happiness in life. Though i was happy, i had no balance. I used work and work and work and travel (maybe sometime). The desire to have that balance in life, i met an amazing person who is my husband now and we started a beautiful family. I very soon understood my priorities and took my career on back seat because it was time for the new mom to drive. Well the ride has been smooth so far with God’s grace. I have been able to live motherhood to the fullest. I also freelanced as and when possible to keep the balance.

Motherhood should be prioritised and enjoyed. To be a mother to a new born is like living childhood again. The feeling to provide training to a new born teaches you to be a better manager. I can for sure say that my patience level has exponentially increased. I learned better ways to communicate because my trainee understood only the language of love and affection. I could plan things better. I experienced happiness in ways i never thought existed.

All this led to growth as a person in me. So as James Clear says, “1% Better Every Day”, working in the industry, being a mother and wife completes me as a person who is happy ( may be sad on some rough days but that will pass ) and all this is possible only because i believe in Inner Harmony